Best for your Little Bambino and best for the Earth

Bambino Land uses a special woven muslin fabric to create large (47″ x 47″), lightweight swaddling blankets that are perfect for swaddling newborns up to infants 6 months of age. The breathable fabric helps sooth infants by creating a cozy “womb-like” environment, reducing sudden movements (startle reflex) that wake a sleeping baby — so babies fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer. The lightweight breathable fabric allows air to flow, helping regulate body temperature, which keeps infant from overheating (reducing the risk of SIDs). Lightweight muslin fabric has been used for centuries to swaddle newborns! Bambino Land takes the ancient fabric and makes it modern with hip, stylish and unique designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Muslin blankets are not only great for swaddling babies but they work perfect for privacy while breastfeeding, as a sun-shade for a stroller or car seat. Moms fold them up and take them everywhere they go! Infants love them as a cuddle blanket which becomes their favorite blanket for years to come.

Bambino Land also features the same great, breathable muslin fabric in their super soft organic crib sheets soft thick wash cloths, burp clothes and large absorbent bibs.

We offer some of the most beautiful, fun and unique products for infants and toddlers. Yes — cool stuff can be safe, naturally pure and environmentally friendly!

Giving back

In the spirit of sisterhood and with the knowledge that we are all related, Bambino Land supports Ghar Sita Mutu: a home for abandoned children, a training program for destitute women and an outreach program for needy families in Kathmandu, Nepal. Visit Our Charity page to find out more.

Our Earth

Each of us impacts the Earth and world societies — just a little bit, with each decision, no matter how small. As part of the new generation of design-conscious and environmentally-aware parents, you make a statement when you buy organic. Join the movement to preserve our earth!

Your feedback

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“…the world is not given by our fathers but borrowed from our children.”