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Stylish organic baby Leggings, made from organically grown cotton.

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Crib Sheets

Finely woven from 100% certified organic cotton, providing gentle comfort in the crib.

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2-Layer Blankets

Special woven muslin fabric to create large, cozy swaddling blankets for newborns.

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Welcome to Bambino Land… your shopping source for your green, eco-friendly baby!

100% certified organic baby clothes, swaddling blankets, crib sheets, gifts & accessories

Make your baby a green baby with Bambino Land’s amazing organic muslin swaddling blankets, baby clothes, and gifts made from the finest 100% certified organic cotton. Bambino Land strives to care for the earth and its community without sacrificing comfort, style & design.

Go organic!

Buying organic products helps protect our environment. When you buy organic, you not only invest in your child’s health, but you invest in our planet and our future. When you decide to purchase organic muslin blankets & clothing you can rest easy that your baby is wrapped in or wearing the purest, safest and finest breathable organic cotton.

Bambino Land environmentally-friendly organic cotton is grown without artificial fertilizers, pesticides. Each item is carefully created without the use harsh chemicals.

Muslin Blankets & more – Bambino Land uses a special woven muslin fabric to create large (47″ x 47″), lightweight swaddling blankets that are perfect for swaddling newborns up to infants 6 months of age. The breathable fabric helps sooth infants by creating a cozy “womb-like” environment, reducing sudden movements (startle reflex) that wake a sleeping baby — so babies fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer. The lightweight breathable fabric allows air to flow, helping regulate body temperature, which keeps infant from overheating (reducing the risk of SIDs). Lightweight muslin fabric has been used for centuries to swaddle newborns! Bambino Land takes the ancient fabric and makes it modern with hip, stylish and unique designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Muslin blankets are not only great for swaddling babies but they work perfect for privacy while breastfeeding, as a sun-shade for a stroller or car seat. Moms fold them up and take them everywhere they go! Infants love them as a cuddle blanket which becomes their favorite blanket for years to come.

Bambino Land also features the same great, breathable muslin fabric in their super soft organic crib sheets soft thick wash cloths, burp clothes and large absorbent bibs.

Organic Cotton Clothing – Stylish organic baby clothes, made from certified organic cotton. Bambino Land combines earth-friendly materials, sweatshop-free & fair trade manufacturing with unique modern graphics, bright colors and hip yet simple designs. Clothing features ultra-soft and comfy infant layette items, baby shower gift sets, yoga pants sets, kimono infant gowns with matching baby caps and thick hooded towels made from soft organic sherpa. Our stylish year-round basics are sized from 0-24 months. As we grow, we will continue to expand our offerings so please check back often.

Bambino Land products are all designed by a mom from Minnesota and manufactured at environmental conscience factories in India & China.

Best to you and your precious bambinos!